The Municipality of Pamukkale is Everywhere

The Municipality of Pamukkale is Everywhere

While the Municipality of Pamukkale continues to be the leading municipality in education, health, safety and social municipality, it is making use of all the opportunities of technology.

The first convenience offered to the people by the Municipality of Pamukkale is the application called “Municipality of Pamukkale”. Mobile application that allows citizens to do many transactions in electronic environment can be downloaded free from Android and IOS platforms. Citizens can access current news about Pamukkale Municipality via mobile application

With the mobile application that includes latest developments in the social market and which is among the most important projects of the Municipality of Pamukkale, easy communication possibility with the Municipality of Pamukkale is provided.

Tax and water debts can also be paid in the near future using application. In addition, zoning status information will be able to reached.


One another application provided to the residents of Pamukkale is the Pamukkale Municipality page located in the E-Government system. Citizens on this page can do many transactions without coming to the municipality. Citizens can get information about collection, debt, registration and declaration information, market value of land, registration and investigation.

Pamukkale Mayor Hüseyin Gürlesin pointed out that municipalities should realize the communication with the public through every possible channel, says the following about the effective use of technology by the Municipality of Pamukkale: “Municipalities are no longer able to stay away from technology and social media. Because these channels allows public to reach services and administration and administrators to reach the public. The Municipality of Pamukkale site included in the E-Government system, social media accounts and the mobile application we opened for use as Municipality are for this purpose. Our citizens can do all the queries that the system allows from the e-government channel. All updates made in e-government system are added to our page accordingly. As Pamukkale Municipality, we attach great importance of access of information by public without coming to Municipality due to technical developments.


Hüseyin Gürlesin, who has been in close contact with the public since the day he was the mayor of Pamukkale, actively uses the media of our time with this purpose. Projects, works, interviews during the day are shared with followers from social media accounts. Requests via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels are also instantly forwarded to the relevant units.