Pioneer to a focused in space movement

Drawing attention as being the only space architect in Turkey, Ayşe Ören, today, is in deep contact with the senior executives of NASA, Deep Space Industries, The European Space Agency (ESA) and New Worlds…, Being selected as the “Leader of the Future” in France, giving lectures on the “Long-Term Space Mission Mechanization” in different points of the world, winning prizes in different design competitions, Ayşe Ören owes all her success to her determination and passion to space.

As a dreamer of being an astronaut since childhood and putting her dreams about space in to practice by means of her works on the space architectre after 2015; Ayşe Ören is graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2006. As a successful designer, Ören has signed many important projects to date.She won the first place in the worldwide public vote on “Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition.” She attracted the notice of the people as the first designer to be admitted to TeknoPark in Boğaziçi University.

Ayşe Ören, who says “Everyone’s way to success is unique” considers the success as a behavior of the mind and she wants to take part in much different projects in the field of space architecture. Ayşe Ören is currently working with DesignArt company on innovative design projects in Yıldız Teknopark. Also she has been working as a board member of New Worlds within the Deep Space Industries (DSI) since August 2017. As a desirer of a Turkey which contributes to the works in the space sector, Ayşe Ören plans to set up a project in cooperation with both the students of Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Yıldız Technopark. While goaling to make the New Worlds an institute in Turkey; Ören’s biggest priority in 2018 is to initiate a movement within the frame of “SpaceDancer” that comes to forefront with a different philosophy and whose focus is the space.

We asked Ayşe Ören how the process of being a space architect shaped? Here is the answer: “In June 2015, I was invited to the “Hello Tomorrow”s award ceremony to be held in Paris. In the ceremony, they said senior executives like NASA and Deep Space Industries (DSI) would be there. I met NASC’s CTO David Miller and RickTumlinson the founder of Deep Space Industries (DSI). After returning to Turkey, I met with the founder of Deep Space Industries Rick Tumlinson and talked about my projects. Tumlinson told me to prepare a speech about the “Site/place design in the long-term space missions”.

He pointed out that this area was developing and stressed that if I made a difference with my work, I would be recognized all over the world. Then I entered a very serious research process in order to be able to make a successful progress in this regard. After a detailed and meticulous study, I went to Texas in October 2015. I attended a conference held by New Worlds in Deep Space Industries (DSI). I spoke to the world’s most important scientists, entrepreneurs and researchers. I talked about wellfare. In my speech, I told of many things from the five senses, to transhumanism, artificial intelligence and the evolution of the architect.”

2017 Telling that her speech was very appreciated and openned new doors, Ayşe Ören continued talking: “In November 2015, I returned to Turkey. After a while, I had an invitation call from the French Embassy and they said they wanted to have a talk. So we met in Istanbul. They gave me information on that they followed my studies, they sent my works to the French Foreign Ministry, Ministry chosed me “The Leader of the Future” and that I was invited to France.

In May 2016, I went to France. I was welcomed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I met with the managers of many institutions and organizations working in the field of space and technology in France. Rick Tumlinson offered me to take to the group and asked me to support the configuration works of the New Worlds Institute in Turkey. In August 2017, I joined the board of the New Worlds.”

Ayşe Ören, who continues her design-oriented studies at Yıldız Teknopark by favour of DesignArt Company, says “The space issue requires people in different positions to work together. We need to develop projects for how Turkey can contribute to this process. Not alone; but I want to participate in the highlighting projects with those who know this business and to work with those who love it.”

2018 Stating that the most important priority for her in 2018 is to move on a project framework; Ayşe Ören wants to create movement by establishing a community within the framework of the initiative “SpaceDancer.” “Of course the focal point of this project will be the space” Ören said. “I will clarify in a step-by-step manner what kind of project I will construct. 10 years ago when I first entered the design business, if it was told me that I would do projects related to space; I would never believe this. These things are shaped as the work continues. The way I get into will determine what I will do and what kind of things will develop. For example, I want to publish a book on space architecture. I plan to create a unified whole with a focus on music, painting, art, philosophy, and sociology.” And she adds: “There are a number of panels to take place in Los Angeles and California following year.” “If one day the humanbeing could turn into a planet-to-planet voyaging species; I woud want to emphasize that I long to become an architect who contributed to this process”, she underlines. And continues “I am a Space Architect. The work I do is on the life site/place architecture in the space. While the humanbeing is challenging to the evolution, while they are going out of the atmosphere, going to other planets; the dream of being an inter-planets race is now well known even among the common peoples. In the coming period, I think reaching to Mars will be a very important key for humanbeings.” she expresses.