Irresistable Magnificent Taste: Denizli Kebabı

Irresistable Magnificent Taste: Denizli Kebabı

Taken from the most delicious part of the lamb, slowly cooked in wood fire, Denizli Kebab accompanied by handmade ayran offers a unique flavor.

In our kebab paradise country there are many cities that stand out in this regard. The kebab’s adventure of flavoring is based on decades perhaps centuries and this goes on with an unforgettable taste left in the palate.

When it comes to kebab, instantly the Eastern and the Southeastern provinces come to mind; but when we move westward we meet an Aegean flavor: Denizli Kebab … As it has taken its place among the olive oil meals of the Aegean with its great taste, Denizli Kebab has become one of the flavors that do not come out of minds and an indispensable palate for gourmets preparation stages of Denizli Kebab. Preperation begins with the Denizli kebabs masters’ wood throwing into the stone oven in the early hours of the morning. After the fire brick oven is thoroughly fried, the woods are removed from the oven and the meats are hooked into the oven. Denizli Kebab is madefromthefrontarm of sheeporlamb. Also a kind of tray is putunderneaththehook edfleshestocollecttheoilthatmelts.

The upperface of the nail pitas (pide) that will be serviced beside the kebab are dipped on the tray where the grease accumulates and its surplus grease is leaked softly and placed on the kebab. However, the story of Denizli Kebab will not end here. The kebab served in copper cups is accompanied by large chopped onions. In general, those who go to the kebab salon for the first time wait a little time for cutlery to come to the table. They want to eat the kebab before it cools and they call the waiter and say “can I have a fork?.” But mostly the answer is “no cutlery.”

Yes, there are no cutlery in kebab restaurants in Denizli because Denizli Kebab is a “fingerfood.” The masters say, “This is the way it is.” Putting the kebap between two pita parts and eating by hand gives twice the taste of food. To reach the extreme flavor of kebab, you should not be afraid to get oiled. There is an area and plenty of soap in each kebab restaurant where you can wash your hands.

While enjoying the city tastes; it is important to identify the culture of the city with that flavor and to inhale its air to understand the spirit of the city. It is good for palate and for spirit to eat the Denizli Kebab in a place in which you can inhale the fresh air and feel the city’s spirit.