Healing with Water

Healing with Water

For centuries, mankind seeked for healing in diseases and tried to take advantage of all the blessings of nature. He found the healing effect of not only herbs and plants, but also of the water and discovered the benefits against certain diseases.

The water that has been discovered and found to be beneficial for various diseases, to give vitality to the body and to flourish is called healing water. The water obtained in one region must contain certain conditions to be called healing water. It is necessary to have at least 1 gram of mineral, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide or radon gases in 1 liter of water obtained from the underground. The healing waters have two types of benefit, including bathing and drinking.

When consumed by drinking, healing water is good for headache, mouth dryness. It helps to reduce kidney and gallbladder sand and stones. In addition, it provides support for treating stomach and bowel laziness, spastic colon disease, continuous constipation, urinary tract infections and hormone deficiencies. When bathing with healing water, it helps to eliminate the rheumatism, neuritis, sciatica, polyneuritis, gynecological diseases, lumbago, neuralgia and the recovery of joint adherences occurring after fracture and dislocations.

Our country is rich in hot springs. It is known that there are many sources of healing water in many regions. Certain times of the year, these healing waters are preferred by patients for recovery and even for health and beauty because of their contributions to them, independently the existence of any disease. Pamukkale, one of the most important counties of Denizli, is one of the most popular centers of thermal tourism with its hot springs and healing waters. Thermal springs that have been healing for centuries have been visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. You can also benefit from Pamukkale and the surrounding spas, if you want to seek healing in the waters, provided that you inform your physician about your health problems.


Pamukkale, which has been on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1988, is intertwined with the ancient city of Hierapolis. The ancient city of Hierapolis, which is one of the most important ancient city regions of the world as well as of our country is, as like as travertines, in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The unique ancient heritage of the Kingdom of Pergamon is still famous for its thermal springs and healing properties since 197 BC, when it was founded. In the area where Hierapolis is located, the healing waters of Pamukkale are boiled from a small lake in the form of cascades from a 100 m high slope. Boiling and scattering waters form the travertines of Pamukkale. The water temperature of Pamukkale springs is between 35 and 100 Celcius degrees. Pamukkale hot spring water, whose color is clear and taste is bitter, can be used for pain, arteriosclerosis, blood pressure, rheumatism, skin, eye, rickets, stroke, nerve and vascular diseases; In addition, when drunk it is good for stomach spasms… In addition, it is known to be effective for kidney and sand stones due to its diuretic property; and also it is good for urinary tract infections.


Karahayıt is located 5 km away from Pamukkale. Its waters contain a small amount of carbon dioxide and excess radioactivity. Karahayıt, known for its red water, has an average of 50 Celcius degrees. Its drinking cures are used in the digestive system disorders, gall bladder and chronic inflammation of bile ducts, obesity, diabetes and gout. In addition, It is good for the circulatory system, heart, brain and vessel disorders, blood pressure and rheumatic syndromes.


Akköy is one of the richest sources of Denizli. The healing mud baths are created from the sources in the village of Gölemezli in Akköy. Mud spas are especially used in the treatment of skin diseases.


Tekkeköy hot springs is located in Tekke Village, which is 20 km away from Sarayköy county of Denizli. The healing waters, which reach up to 90 Celcius degrees, are good for respiratory diseases, skin diseases and rheumatism as bath treatments. Drinking cures are good for stomach, intestine, liver, gall bladder disorders and nutritional disorders.


Mineral water sources 2 km away from Buldan flows two separate fountain. These sources provide 25 liters of water per minute as cold and hot water. The temperature of the water is 19 ° C. It is a mixture of carbon dioxide and bicarbonate water. This mineral water, which is 600 meters high from the sea, has a positive effect on the digestive system and liver functions. It has potable water quality.


It is located in Kaabaağac Village, which is 3 km away from the village of Tekke. It has a bath, a pool and dressing areas from the Roman period. It cures the problems of patients with rheumatism and joint disorders, as well as skin diseases.


The healing waters of the red colored rocks are used for the treatment of respiratory tracks, cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. It is located 11 km away from Sarayköy and has two domed baths, two bathrooms, a pool and changing rooms. 300-500 tons of hot water a day and 40 tons of steam is obtained in the Kızıldere hot springs and its water is very rich. It is used with both drinking and bath applications.


Mud spas have an important place among Denizli hot springs. Akkoy Gölemezli, located in the boundaries of Pamukkale Special Environmental Protection Area, has 4 geothermal resources. The temperature of resources that one of which used as mud baths varies between 35-60 Celcius degrees. Carbon dioxide, sulphate, sodium and calcium are present in the composition of the spring waters. Mud spas are used in the treatment of skin, psoriasis, fungi, eczema, calcification and rheumatic diseases.


Yenice Kamara thermal spring is located on the shores of Büyük Menderes. The water temperature is 45 Celcius degrees and it contains iron, copper, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sulfate ion, sodium chloride, hydrocarbonate. As drinking water it is good fort he diseases of liver and biliary tract, stomach, ulcers and as bath cure it is good for the treatment of rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, hemorrhoids, neuritis, neuralgia, gynecological diseases, calcification, cardiovascular and skin diseases.