Art Form of Orphanage

Art Form of Orphanage

Koca Dünya is a painful movie with less event… Reha Erdem wants to make viewer to feel the orphans’ mother-fatherlessness with its full dimensions and impact. In order to stimulate emotion, he applied to imaginary expression.

It can be said that ‘Koca Dünya’ is full of images from beginning to end. Shots which seems to be insignificant and so unnecessary at first glance, has reached one by one its meaning, in other words it becomes understandable.

Koca Dünya is an artistic high-quality film with the pain its described. Used songs are carefully selected. In Koca Dünya, the scene and the music are used so harmoniously that we can visualize the scene with only that music. In addition, each frame of Koca Dünya is like a painting that a good painter uncovered for years. Frames evoke the effect of a painting on viewer rather than a photo.

Ali and Zuhal are along among people. They cling to each other. But people didn’t leave them together. They found the release at avoiding people. The director wants to explain that it is not possible to avoid the people in Koca Dünya. Another name of this is orphanage. Perhaps parents are the only people that can be grabbed among people and the only people that can eliminate their parentless. Their absence creates a void that cannot be compensated in any way in life and inside of the person.

This film is one of those rare films, or works of art, which have different layers of meaning, where viewer cannot easily come out of the effect and which will come to mind from time to time and let to discover new thoughts.

Director: Reha Erdem

Scenario: Reha Erdem

Starring: Ecem Uzun, Berke Karaer, Melisa Akman, Murat Deniz

Producer: Ömer Atay

Genre: Drama

Vision Date: April 7, 2017-Turkey

Duration: 100 minutes