An Assembly Worthy of Pamukkale Municipality

An Assembly Worthy of Pamukkale Municipality

The official opening ceremony of the modern Municipality Assembly Hall in Pamukkale Municipality was held.

In the period before the municipality was established, the area, which was used as the maintenance workshop of the Special Administration and served as the warehouse of the Directorate of Technical Affairs after the establishment of Pamukkale Municipality, was taken into recondition. The modernized building was put into service as Pamukkale Municipality Assembly Hall.

Pamukkale Mayor Hüseyin Gürlesin stated that they built a council hall worthy of Pamukkale and continued “There were many investments and projects that should be done in Pamukkale and we needed to make our units reach a healthier environment at the point of serving our people. We gave priority to them and finally we thought it was time for our assembly room. I think our council hall is very perfect. Thank you very much Mr. Osman Zolan for 53 months pandered to our whims and made their halls available for us.


The new council hall of Pamukkale Municipality was completed in a short period of 72 days with a total cost of 2 million 400 thousand TL in a closed area of 1000 m2. In the hall, there are 60 seats for council members, deputy chairmen, unit managers, and 30-seat seating areas for the press. Inside, there are assembly hall, exhibition and foyer area, rooms for party group meetings, kitchen and male-female-disabled toilets.