Carrying the creative soul and the ingenuity of the Anatolian women for centuries up till today, a taste getting the respect it deserves at every table and a memorable favor that will not be forgetten for many years… “A basinful of Tarhana”

Rumour has it that one of the sultans barged into a poor house while wandering around with his vizier. There was only soup on the flor table. The Sultan liked the soup so much and he immediately asked its name. The peasant woman who prepared the soup said: “It is a ‘poor (dar) house (hane) soup, my Sir, Have it with real pleasure!” Thus, firstly the “poor (dar) house (hane)’ came to be referred to as “Darhana”, and its name got changed to ”Tarhana” over time.

Though the main ingredients of this medicinal soap that came from centuries ago are the same; each land has added different flavors to produce different recipes. The preparation phase of the Denizli’s Tarhana is similar to most of the other regional tarhanas. Firstly tomatoes and peppers are crushed and mixed well; then added flour, yoghurt, cream and salt and kneaded well. This mixture is left to stand for 21 days regularly stirring every day. At the end, the mixture is laid and dried on a clean cloth. After being dried, it is rubbed and pulverized with hand. After all these, It takes its place in the kitchens.

When we come to the cooking stage of Denizli Tarhana prepared with labor, we can say that important touches are made at this time and the original flavor of Tarhana finds its local taste in accordance with the palatal delight the people of Denizli.

To the tarhana soup, which is started to be fried in water, small pieces of meat are added without roasting and mixed continuously. When it comes to the boiling phase, a few pieces of crushed garlic are added. The tarhana soup, which is made ready for servicing adding some powdered paprika, is drunk warm.

One of the beauties of living in this land is to be able eat and drink ‘handmade and additive-free’. We thank to the All-merciful for not denying his both healthy and delicious Anatolian cuisine blessing to us… Enjoy your meal!